20 Elegant Kitchen Products

In step with the sensibilities of the modernist aesthetic, many individuals are looking to build the perfect elegant kitchen as the crossroads of style and functionality. Those who are prioritizing minimalism in this quest are in luck as many brands have devoted their designs to evoke the desired effect of effortless elegance.

Fellow, for instance, is a brand that offers an extensive portfolio of intuitively designed coffee and tea brewing products. Its Clara French Press is a must-have for any elegant kitchen. Available in Matte Black or Matte Black + Walnut, the press presents itself as “a coffee table centerpiece,” while delivering an efficient and easy experience.

Following in the footsteps of minimalism, the Kana Milo cookware range also boasts an upgrade to elegant kitchen aesthetics. Presented as a modern take on conventional cooking equipment, the products in this line are also made with 40% recycled iron.

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