Air Conditioned Clothing Designs : octocool

Octocool is a company that integrates fans into clothing to keep wearers cool in any circumstance in a convenient and seemless way. The business is also known as ‘Kuchofuku’ and the designs are powered by a internal battery that can be detached and recharged.

It is hidden in every article of clothing, allowing the fan to run for up to 8.5 hours at a high setting. More impressively, the fan can run on a low setting for up to 59 hours. In addition to its fan-cooling clothing designs, Octocool also offers 4 heat options for when the weather is cooler. The shirts and bottoms are constructed from materials including cotton and polyester. Each clothing item purchased comes with one charger, one cord, one batter, and two fans.

Image Credit: Oddity Mall

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