Airline-Inspired Bespoke Vehicles : airline seat specification

Bentley unveiled the ‘Airline Seat Specification’ and the ‘Bentley Diamond Illumination’ features that will be included in its upcoming fifth model.

The Airline Seat Specification takes inspiration from the highest-end airline seats available in first-class cabins. The seats feature 22-way power-adjustable seating positions to ensure that the rider is as comfortable as they can be. In addition to this, the seats have 177 embedded pressure points on the seat that allow it to deliver precise postural alignment for the rider. These airline-inspired seats also boast the inclusion of a climate detection technology that will be used for heating and cooling the seat based on the temperature in the vehicle.

The Bentley Diamond Illumination feature is a high-quality lighting system that includes 12 LEDs on the front door interiors and 22 LEDs on the rear door interiors. These LEDS deliver noticeable light while being unnoticeable themselves, as they are sewn into the door panels.

Image Credit: Bentley

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