All-Purpose Underwear : quick dry underwear

SOMI is now introducing its eco-friendly, antibacterial and quick-dry underwear on Kickstarter, offering the average person more versatility with an everyday essential. With its products, SOMI asks: “Undies that lounge, gym and swim… why do we need to buy three bra tops for a single day of activities?” and “Why is it ok to post a picture of yourself in your bikini but not your underwear?”

The brand’s breathable, comfortable styles are designed to support bodies in motion, whether they’re swimming, hiking, sweating at the gym or lounging at home. The three-in-one underwear is made from a sustainable version of Silk Jersey fabric that boasts supportive, moisture-wicking properties. As well as offering great versatility, the versatile underwear designs promise to free up valuable clothing storage space.

Image Credit: SOMI

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