Amanda Kloots gives Nick Cordero update and shares how she stays positive

(CNN)Amanda Kloots spoke at length on Instagram on Wednesday evening, answering questions about her husband, actor Nick Cordero.

Kloots, a dancer and fitness instructor, said that although her husband is not able to speak as he remains in ICU on a ventilator, he does communicate with his eyes.

“He can’t really even move you guys, that’s how weak he is,” she said on her Instagram stories. “He looks up, he looks down, he looks left and right. And he answers yes and no questions, a yes is looking up a no is looking down.”

Kloots was candid about her husband’s uphill battle and said the past two days had been “all over the place,” due to Cordero’s fluctuating blood pressure. She also said that he had lost 65 pounds while in the hospital and “his muscles are definitely atrophying.”

Kloots acknowledged that Cordero will have a long path of rehabilitation ahead, but said she remains hopeful.

“[He would] probably be at a rehab center for a year before even coming home. They say for every week in the ICU is a month in rehab,” she explained.

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Hello! I wanted to take a minute to say hi to my new followers and tell you a little more about me and my page! Life- I am from Ohio but lived in NYC for 19 years. I performed on Broadway, national tours, film and TV for 16 years. At 32, I went through an unexpected divorce, felt completely lost and terrified for my future. It was then that I decided to start my own business and take control of my life. I took a huge leap of faith, trusted my gut and launched my business with the worlds first jump rope class! My years on the broadway stage bring a unique energy and power to my fitness classes. I also have an online subscription series on my website. I met Nick doing the Broadway show, Bullets Over Broadway. We were friends first and then fell in love. We got married in NYC in 2017 and had Elvis two years later. Nick dreamed of living in LA, buying a home and raising Elvis in Laurel Canyon so we moved to LA in September 2019. Elvis, our baby boy, just turned 1! I have wanted to be a mom my entire life. I would have 5 more kids if I could! Religion- I was raised knowing God, reading the Bible and the power of prayer. I love that going to church on Sundays makes me feel renewed and connected to something bigger than myself. I love that in hard times, like the one I’m in, I can lean on my faith to help guide me through. I love religion and appreciate all religions. I would never force mine on anyone but will always share how my faith helps me. Positivity- I start everyday with a positive quote which I then share on my stories. I believe if you start your day in a positive way then it carry’s with you. I believe that a smile is your best accessory. My motto in life is “Make yourself as big as you can!” Current life- Nick has been in the ICU for 73 days, currently dealing with healing from COVID complications. I am balancing this, raising a son and building my business. My family is here and have been an incredible support system to me and Elvis. What to expect on my feed- Nick updates, Elvis pictures, fitness inspo, home reno and products that I love to share with you. Thank for following me! xx, Amanda

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Kloots credited her faith for sustaining her through this challenging time.

“Honestly I think my faith keeps me a very positive person. I start off every day, I think of a positive quote and post it on my stories,” she said. “I wake up and think to myself I am so lucky that I get to wake up and do things. I just try to use every day to its fullest … I’m exhausted, I’m trying to be a wife, a mom and run a business. I’m exhausted but I’m doing OK.”

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