Cell-Cultivated Leathers : vitrolabs

‘VitroLabs,’ a Milpitas, California-based biotechnology startup, announced a Series A round of funding that totaled $46 million USD. On top of this, the funding round notable included a large contribution from Leonardo DiCaprio, causing the event to make headlines.

VitroLabs creates its cell-cultivated leather through an advanced tissue engineering process that results in a faux leather material that closely resembles the real thing. The company will use its Series A funding to finalize its leather production methodology to create a high-quality leather replica that can be used in everything from luxury clothing to furniture. On topo of this, the biotechnology startup boasts proprietary technology that allows it to scale the development of its leather, once finalized. This means VitroLabs will quickly enter the market once its product meets adequate quality and sustainability standards.

VitroLabs believes its animal-free leather will have a positive impact on both the environment and animal welfare.

Image Credit: VitroLabs

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