Chic Face Mask Designs : chic face mask

Many people embrace the necessity of wearing protection in public with a sense of style as they look for chic face masks designs that will allow them to feel confident and safe at the store or when meeting a friend. Recognizing this need, Chico’s launches fashion-forward face coverings that are sold in packs of three for just $15 CAD.

The chic face masks are machine washable, boast adjustable earloop straps for comfort, and are constructed out of two layers of Polyester. The designs—from the playful polka dot to the fierce leopard—are made with the brand’s exclusive prints. As a result, the collection is limited edition.

Chico’s offers two kinds of packs—while one is multi-colored, featuring one all-black option, the other pack is for people who prefer the black & white aesthetic.

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