Collab Monochrome Lifestyle Apparel : yolande macon

Levi’s Fresh works in collaboration with Yolande Macon on the special Fresh Produce collection that stems from a sustainable angle. It is inspired by the goal to create an eco-friendly approach of using color by turning their attention to fresh fruits and vegetables.

This creates a palette full of earthy hues — the plant-based dyes are processed by water-saving finishing techniques. Altogether, it results in a range of easy-to-wear designs including bright shades of yellow, lavender, and peach. This arrives in the silhouettes of sweaters, shorts, button-up tops, and more. Macon talks about the inspiration behind the capsule, stating that “Spring represents freshness and new beginnings to me. I feel like I can conquer anything in Levi’s® Fresh pastel palette.”

Image Credit: Highsnobiety

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