Colostrum-Based Anti-Aging Skincare : Regenacol Skincare System

The Regenacol Skincare System is a new anti-aging skincare line that harnesses the power of bovine colostrum to provide naturally visible results. The line includes a moisturizing cream, serum, and face mask that make the most of Colostrum-LD’s skin growth factors and a Liposomal Delivery system. Shelley Treadaway, a spokesperson for Sovereign Laboratories, says “By utilizing bovine colostrum and applying it directly to the face, people are able to immediately reap the benefits of the Colostrum-LD growth factors on their skin.”

This line of anti-aging skincare products was created to complement the signature nutritional supplement Colostrum-LD and deliver intensely rejuvenating results. The colostrum-based skincare line also incorporates other potent ingredients to boost the production of collagen and elastin. For example, the Bee Venom Moisturizing Cream energizes the skin and refines texture with the active ingredient in bee venom.

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