Condiment-Scented Toiletries : Scented Toiletries

Marmite is known for creating a breakfast spread that people either love or hate and the brand is teaming up with Lynx to create scented toiletries that are just as divisive. The new body spray and shower gel boast notes of lavandin, white moss and green herbs, plus hints of woody sandalwood and cedarwood—and most of all, salty Marmite.

The Lynx Africa & Marmite launches are said to have a scent that will capture all the lovers of Marmite and also repel those who are disinterested in the product. The unlikely partnership offers an unusual way for consumers to uplevel their shower and self-care rituals. The product packaging for the two new products features Marmite’s logo, along with a declaration that they are “for all the lovers.’

Image Credit: Lynx

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