Customized Gray Hair Solutions : Hair and Beard Dyes

Men’s haircare brand, Cleverman, offers hair and beard dyes for graying hair which are customized to the consumer’s desired hair color. The brand carries over 10,000 colors to create a perfect match with consumers. These colors are generated from Cleverman’s patent-pending technology that allows for intricate personalization through a user-completed hair quiz.

Cleverman’s hair and beard dyes come in kits that are equipped with everything needed to inject color back into graying hair. The kits include hair and/or beard dye, personalized gloves, an applicator and mixing tray, and cleansing products like shampoo, conditioner, and/or beard scrubs. The hair dye can be applied in five to ten minutes and lasts for up to five weeks. Cleverman’s hair and beard dyes for graying hair can be purchased as a one-off or ordered on a rolling subscription basis.

Image Credit: Cleverman

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