David Harewood on racism, education and his family’s slavery

Actor David Harewood has explained his journey to finding out more about how past generations of his family were slaves and his hope that the current generation can help to end racism.

In 2007, the Homeland actor filmed a documentary with BBC where he discovered more about how previous generations of his family had been enslaved.

His ancestors were forced to work on Caribbean sugar plantations and were used to build up the fortune of the Lascelles family, who built the Harewood House estate near Leeds in the 18th century.

Speaking to BBC Yorkshire, Mr Harewood commended the work David Lascelles, 8th Earl of Harewood, has done on “encouraging education” around slavery.

He also praised the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests in the UK, adding: “We’ve got a younger generation who just see the injustice, that’s what’s so amazing.”

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