Dual-Phase Lip Treatments : GENIUS Liquid Collagen Lip

Algenist’s GENIUS Liquid Collagen Lip is a vegan collagen moisturizing lip treatment that’s effective for contouring and plumping the lips in a unique way. As the brand describes, the “dual-phase lip treatment suspends botanical lip enhancers and hundreds of beads of Microalgae Oil in collagen water” and it harnesses the benefits of Algenist’s naturally sourced and sustainably produced Alguronic Acid and plant collagen.

The product rolls onto the lips with a soothing and cooling ceramic tip applicator and it can be found in a component with a rainbow ombre effect. Mirroring the colors of the Pride rainbow, the colors symbolize the essence of life, healing, sunlight, nature, serenity and more.

As a result of using the plant-powered lip treatment, customers report improved lip texture, smoothed fine lines and younger-looking lips.

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