Elasticized Metal-Free Sunglasses : Elastic Hinge sunglasses

Metal hinges are commonplace on most eyewear styles, so the ‘Elastic Hinge’ sunglasses imagine a decidedly more flexible alternative when it comes to sunglass design.

Designed by Gilli Kuchik and Ran Amitai, the sunglasses feature a hollow frame that is threaded with an elasticized cord in place of metallic hinges. The eyewear is imagined in three styles, which each feature the cord ends coming out the ends of the arms for a slightly unfinished appearance that enables customization. The wearer could simply tighten or loosen the cord according to their specific needs for a personalized fit.

The ‘Elastic Hinge’ sunglasses are 3D-printed, which is how the tiny inner channel structure is achieved. The translucent design of the frames highlights the colored cord to show off their unexpected style.

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