Exclusive Sweet Tequilas : El Mayor Extra

St. Louis-based spirit maker Luxco has announced the launch of its newest González family-made tequila called ‘El Mayor Extra Añejo Port Cask Aged.’ The new “ultra-premium” expression is made from Blue Weber agave and matured in port casks for 42 months.

As a result, the high-end spirit boasts an incredibly rich flavor profile and an extra-smooth finish. The port casks provide the liquid with notes of oak and dried fruit, which pair beautifully with the natural taste of agave. A highly exclusive drop, the ‘El Mayor Extra Añejo Port Cask Aged’ tequila is limited to just 6,000 bottles.

“The consumer demand for ultra-premium tequila, like El Mayor’s award-winning tequila varieties and special releases, continues to fuel strong growth in the tequila category,” said Chelsi Hofmeister, assistant brand manager for El Mayor. “The latest limited-edition release of El Mayor Extra Añejo Port Cask Aged is sure to be well received by consumers.”

Image Credit: Luxco

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