Extravagant Sculptural Rings : sculptural ring

One of the more striking design objects on display at the Virtual Design Festival, which is organized by Dezeen, is a sculptural ring by Austrian jewelry artist Patra Zimmermann. Appropriately dubbed the ‘Vanity Vague’ ring, the extravagant piece boasts “gold-colored edges and chainmail-like detailing.”

The elegant sculptural ring presents a black silk fabric that is “captured” inside acrylic, creating a layering effect. The material juxtaposition is also effectively displayed by the contrast of the black and gold hues. When designing the work of art, Petra Zimmermann was interested in reviving the stylistic sensibilities of the previous century. In her practice, the artist often attempts to “rework and subvert these references through the introduction of mass media images, design objects, or architecture.

Image Credit: Ornamentum Gallery

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