Fashion-Forward Hiking Capsules : HIDDEN.NY

HIDDEN.NY has teamed up with French footwear brand Salomon to drop a collaborative hiking-focused capsule appropriately titled the ‘HIDDEN.NY x Salomon Collection.’

The concise capsule features a range of apparel items including co-branded grey pullover hoodies, a pair of unique patchwork hiking slacks, and a pair of black track shorts, which arrive donning an olive green stripe and HIDDEN.NY branding.

However, the collection’s standout item is the reimagined version of the Salomon XT-4. Here, the popular trail running sneaker has been remixed via HIDDEN. NY’s design codes. As a result, the sneaker features an eye-catching emerald green coloring on its tongue and the outside of its sole. What’s more, the sleek new shoe comes with one-off con-branding that features Salomon’s logo combined with HIDDEN.NY’s spherical emblem.

Image Credit: Taran Sodhi/Hidden.NY

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