Fighting in empty stands is more demanding: MVP – other sports

When the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) arena heard the ticking of a clock followed by some guitar distortions, it was understood that it was time to watch Montel Vontavious Porter popularly known as MVP. Hassan Hamin Assad, who wrestles under the ring name MVP, is known for his signature finishing moves such as Play of the Day, Drive-By Kick and The Playmaker, among others. The American wrestler has returned to WWE after a gap of 10 years, and says that he still has the “mentality of a champion”. 

Speaking about how he has kept himself fit during this lockdown, he says, “I have a gym in my house where I workout. There is a high school near my house where they have a [running] track. I sprint to keep my winds up.” The two-time United States Championship winner, says that empty stands make a huge difference when it comes to wrestling. “That roar of the crowd motivates you. And sometimes when you are in a fight, and the pain is kicking in, you hear the crowd chanting your name, it helps you to push through. Fighting in empty stands is more demanding.”  

The 46-year-old wrestler believes that WWE has grown exponentially ever since he left the company a decade ago. “Back then, they didn’t even have their network, and now it is a huge part of the industry. WWE worldwide footprint has continued to grow. Besides, the new talent who are coming in hungry, are trying to make their names known to the WWE universe and I like that,” he shares.   

MVP, who says that it is a “great time to be a wrestler”, shares that it is his son who keeps him going. Ask him how important is it to be a responsible icon, and he says, “I have kept no secret about my time growing up in Miami, USA, and landing in trouble and going to prison for sometime. I talk about that a lot and I use that to encourage young people to not make the mistakes that I did, or, if you have made some bad decisions, it is not the end of your life. I hold myself as an example.”

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