Fleur & Bee Youth Fairy

The Fleur & Bee Youth Fairy is a beginner-friendly cosmetic product for consumers looking to get started with using retinol in their skincare regime. The product is formulated with 0.03% retinol, which is reported to be small yet effective for combating against the signs of aging on the skin. The skincare product also features a range of beneficial ingredients like evening primrose oil, squalane and aloe vera to soothe and reduce the side effects that could be caused by retinol.

Founder Matthias Hug spoke on the new Fleur & Bee Youth Fairy saying, “Retinol is one of the best-researched skin care ingredients and highly effective at increasing cell turnover, targeting signs of aging and reducing acne. Unfortunately, most products on the market are not designed for people new to retinol and are too harsh. Our goal was to create a formula people with sensitive skin or new to retinol can use.”

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