Foaming Skincare Makers : Marshmallow Whip Maker

There are many foaming skincare products on the market but rather than having to purchase a new one, consumers can enrich the cleansers they already own with the Nooni Marshmallow Whip Maker. The skincare tool helps to transform any cleanser into a richer, foamier formula that feels more luxurious thanks to the addition of microbubbles. Nooni created the tool to increase a product’s fluffiness and reduce friction, which helps to deliver deeper yet more gentle cleanse experience.

The reusable tool is low-cost and it only requires a minimal amount of product to create a full container of foam. The “marshmallow” foam that can be created with the product has the potential to suit all skin types, especially as the new formulas come out softer than ever.

Image Credit: Nooni

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