Food-Grade Hair Oils : Addicted Beauty

These Addicted Beauty hair oils are a premium range of haircare products for consumers who are looking for a natural way to handle their locks and enhance its health. The hair oils were created by Rida Khan who was inspired to make the products thanks to inspiration from her grandmother who would craft her own solutions from the her house. The range includes options for consumers with a wide range of concerns including dryness, hair loss and more.

Khan spoke on the Addicted Beauty hair oils saying, “I have been in the media and beauty industry for a long time but wanted to launch something that I believed in very strongly — I have wonderful memories of my grandmother putting 100% Natural oils using the Ayurvedic principles in her recipes in my hair and following it with a nice head massage – it was so therapeutic and also did wonders for my hair and scalp and overall wellness – It’s hard for me to even describe how good it made my hair and scalp feel and also how renewed I felt as a person. You really have to try it to believe it.”

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