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Force The Vision

I am not sure who needs to hear this today but here is what I now know as truth:

Force The Vision pinterest thumbnailYou aren’t your current circumstance
You are not your injury or set back
You are not your bank account
You are not your past stories/events
You are not others opinions of you
You are not people’s judgement of you.

Those are things that may have happened TO you but who you are is wherever you are putting your focus and attention towards.

There was time where all that defined me was my PAST and my CURRENT circumstances. I did not understand then what “forcing the vision” meant and I did not understand that we could literally decide our future by changing our focus. This does not come easy to me still, but I’ve learned the importance of it and how to shift myself out of funks with this knowledge.

Focus your attention to what you want to CREATE. Direct your attention and energy to who you want to BECOME. That is who you are.


Natalie Jill


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