Gender-Fluid Jewelry Collections : Mx Collection

Brilliant Earth’s Mx Collection of fine jewelry appeals to all genders, non-binary, and fluid identities. As Pride Month is well underway, this collection of ethically sourced jewelry ensures an offering of quality pieces for everyone and every occasion.

The Mx collection boasts a modern take on traditional fine jewelry. Its range of rings comes in a variety of sizes to help customers find the perfect fit. Brilliant Earth features a broad assortment of unique items with inclusivity at its design forefront. Some featured rings in the collection include the Rainbow ring, the Horizontal Petite Comfort Fit, the Arista Eternity Diamond Ring, and the Zenith ring. Beth Gerstein, the company’s co-founder and co-CEO, explains that the rings are part of the company’s “mission to inspire a more compassionate jewelry industry.”

Image Credit: Brilliant Earth

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