Getting hitched in times of Covid-19: DIY wedding décor ideas for the perfect home wedding during lockdown – fashion and trends

With the world under lockdown for over three months, weddings and celebrations seem like a thing from the past, and given that people can still not gather in large groups, every to-be brides dream of band, baaja and baraat may just remain a dream. The big fat Indian wedding is what most girls dream of, but given the current situation of crisis that we are all living in, one may have to make do with a more humble celebration. Just like we learnt to socially distance ourselves and adapt to the current pandemic, more and more people have decided to not postpone their celebrations, be it weddings or engagements, in the hopes of the pandemic ending anymore. However, instead of the usual caterers, decorators and wedding planners taking over the event, the pandemic has forced us to go back a more close-knit celebration.

It is important to maintain the right aesthetic for a home wedding, especially one that involves so many different rituals and functions from Haldi and Sangeet to Mehendi and the reception. Each event has to be done spectacularly in its own right. As with all weddings, decorating the entire house for several functions by yourself, will require a lot of planning. To aid you on your quest for the perfect wedding aesthetic, here are some easy ideas for you to execute by yourself and with your family for the picture perfect wedding. Read on:


No Indian wedding would be complete without the signature orange and yellow marigold flowers adorning every possible surface. From creating the perfect canopy for the Mehendi function to ropes of them dangling from walls for décor, marigold flowers are sure to brighten your entire aesthetic. You can spice things up with more colour summer flowers like lilies, roses and lotus.


Centre Stage/ Mandap

Plain colourful fabrics can be used to create an awning above the area being used for the main function. Not only will that help you beat the scorching heat of the summer months, but the minimalism of it will make for some stunning photographs. To add a little extra oomph to the stage, use small mirrors in strips. During the day they will reflect the sun and create wonderful patterns all around.


You would be surprised how fair simple fairly lights can go in creating the perfect atmosphere for a wedding. You can decorate everything and anything with them, from staircases to backgrounds! Metal and glass lamps also make for fantastic decoration in the night. If there are any trees on the premises, you can hang paper lamps from it.

Decorative items

With waste and other objects present around the house, you can make various knick-knacks to hang or place around the house. You can make almost anything with the help of some paper and glue. Though not a traditional wedding decoration in India, balloon bunches in a variety of colours can also add to your home wedding.

A small gathering of close friends and family might just be what people need during this difficult time. And what better occasion to do so if not on wedding.

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