Happy Birthday Karan Singh Grover, Know What It Takes To Maintain The Muscular Body In the Late 30s

Karan Singh Grover aka KSG is one of the fittest celebs in the Bollywood Industry. He has got an envious muscular body that is difficult to make but it is extremely challenging to maintain that with age. Karan is in the late 30s but he makes sure to not look like one. His chiseled face, muscular arms and six-pack abs can give young men a run for their money! His Instagram profile is flooded with his drool-worthy muscled pictures. On the occasion of his 38th birthday, we bring to you some of his fitness and diet secrets.

Karan Singh Grover Fitness Routine

The fitness quote he follows is- ‘Make friends with Chaos’. KSG believes that having peace of mind is of utmost importance and when you learn to get friends with chaos, you’ll succeed.

His workout regime starts with a full-body warm-up with a day-specific body warm-up for 30-40 minutes where he stretches every joint in different days, he does stretching accordingly. He has divided his workout in days where he focuses on one part daily.

Movement culture- Ido Portal method. 

Karan keeps on changing his exercise routine to include more variations and evolve the body. Currently, he is following ‘Movement Culture’ which is developed by renowned Israeli trainer Ido Portal. This training method is focused on building core strength. In an interview given to an online portal, Karan Singh Grover said, “This movement training, helps me build my core strength. My ideal perception of being fit includes overall movement and not just aesthetics, as they are a by-product of the hard work that you put into your routine.”

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Favorite form of exercise is Yoga

Apart from his gym and exercise, Karan Singh Grover swears by Yoga for fitness. The first thing he does in the morning is practice yoga along with meditation. He is been following this for years now for inner strength and peace.

Talking about the best time of the day to workout, Karan believes that any time is best but starting the day with exercising keeps you energetic for the rest of the day. Therefore, preference is given to morning workout rest varies with an individual.

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Karan Singh Grover Diet

Breakfast- Juice which comprises of carrot, apple, beetroot, spinach, seaweed and apple cider vinegar. Along with that, he likes to wat some seasonal fruits for breakfast.

Lunch and dinner- Chicken, eggs and oats, vegetables, daal

Post-workout meal- Protein shake (20 grams of protein)

Some takeaways:

  • Just listen and follow your body, mind, and soul.
  • To get a sculpted body, maintain the balance between diet, workout and sleep.
  • Add variations in your workout to improve results and escape boredom.
  • Chalk out your workout plan according to your body.

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