Harsh Weather-Ready Apparel : All-Climate Shell

Goldwin, a Japanese label specializing in premium outdoor wear, has announced the launch its new technical Spring/Summer 2022 collection called ‘All-Climate Shell.’ The concise new capsule leverages a range of high-tech materials, including PERTEX SHIELD AIR and GORE-TEX to deliver a range of lightweight, waterproof, and breezy garments.

More specifically, the capsule includes six GORE-TEX items, two standouts of which are the Fly Air Pullover and the Fly Air Jacket. These lightweight pieces feature a unique three-layer laminated GORE-TEX design that makes them capable of handling harsh weather conditions. Meanwhile, the PERTEX SHIELD AIR material is utilized on a handful of pieces including a lightweight shell jacket and technical slip-on piece.

Goldwin’s All-Climate Shell collection is now available to purchase on the company’s website and select retailers.

Image Credit: Goldwin

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