HDFC Bank advances up 21% at Rs 10 lakh crore by Q1-end

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MUMBAI: Private sector lender HDFC Bank on Saturday reported 21 per cent growth in its advances which totalled Rs 10.04 lakh crore on June 30 as compared to Rs 8.29 lakh crore a year ago and Rs 9.93 lakh crore on March 31.
The bank’s deposits aggregated to Rs 11.89 lakh crore on June 30, marking a growth of 25 per cent from Rs 9.54 lakh crore on June 30 last year and Rs 11.47 lakh crore on March 31 this year, it said in regulatory filings at stock exchanges.
The CASA (current account savings account) ratio stood at about 40 per cent on June 30 this year as compared to 39.7 per cent on June 30 last year and 42.2 per cent on March 31 this year.
During the quarter ended June 30, the bank purchased loans aggregating Rs 1,376 crore through the direct assignment route under the home loan arrangement with Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC).

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