High-End Hazmat Suits : High-End Hazmat Suit

From distancing-oriented fashion to high-end hazmat suits, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely challenged the way people interact socially and how they dress in public. Some individuals, however, are taking this opportunity to stun and make a statement. One of them is American singer and songwriter Erykah Badu.

In March, as fears about the COVID-19 outbreak, were mounting in North America, the creative accepted an award at the 20th annual Texas Film Awards. To reflect concern about the health pandemic, Erykah Badu stepped out in a Louis Vuitton high-end hazmat suit that exuded DIY aesthetics and was deemed as “social distancing couture.”

The piece boasted “a myriad of spray-painted Louis Vuitton logos in shades of black and red,” ultimately capturing the attention to everyone who was in its proximity.

Image Credit: Instagram @erykahbadu

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