High-Performance Merino Wool Fabrics : Nuyarn Merino Wool

Nuyarn Merino Wool, from New Zealand fabric designers The Merino Company, retains the impressive natural properties of Merino wool by using a proprietary weaving process. In many cases, Merino wool loses much of its strength and durability due to a chemical treatment process. To prevent this loss, Nuyarn Merino Wool instead utilizes a mechanical technique that ensures that the fabric maintains its high-performance characteristics. This process guarantees durability and longevity.

Compared to typical Merino wool, Nuyarn Merino Wool features faster drying, increased elasticity, higher heat retention, and higher burst strength. These properties make the fabric a perfect fit for high-quality outdoor clothing. Nuyarn Merino Wool can be found in high-performance clothing from top outdoor brands such as The North Face, Ortovox, Black Diamond, and Trew, among many others.

Image Credit: The Merino Company

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