High-Performance Runners Eyewear : CHIMI

Swedish eyewear brand CHIMI continues to expand its ‘ACTIVE’ line, announcing the launch of a new running-focused capsule that features a range of high-performance shades.

The collection consists of new interpretations of CHIMI’s signature sunglasses built to withstand everything from leisurely jogs to high-intensity sprints. The new ’01’ frame contains an adjustable rubber nose stop and high contrast lenses and weighs only 25 grams. Meanwhile, the ’04’ weighs in at just 27.95 grams. Both versions of the sunglasses come in red and grey with matching lenses, or black and white with yellow lenses. In addition, both models also feature adjustable waist pouches and a removable strap.

Inspiration for the capsule came from founder Charlie Lindström’s own daily routine. “As I’ve gotten older and busier, running just naturally became part of my day-to-day. It is meditation for me, and deeply personal” said CHIMI’s CEO.

Image Credit: CHIMI

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