Hot Sauce-Themed Beard Products : Ecoslay’s Hot Sauce

Ecoslay’s Hot Sauce concoction is a vitamin-infused treatment that boasts all the nutrients needed for a healthy scalp or beard. Ecoslay is a Black-owned business, based in Atlanta, but known and sold in salons across the globe.

The Hot Sauce treatment features a red palm oil base and is rich in Vitamin E to help boost the growth of hair follicles. Moreover, it features Jamaican Castor Oil, an ingredient rich in Omega-9 fatty acids which help treat inflammation. Lastly, using rosemary essential oils, the treatment stimulates hair growth, prevents baldness, slows graying and can also simultaneously treat dandruff or dry scalp.

All of Ecoslay’s products, including the Hot Sauce Treatment, aim to leave everyone feeling fresh and comfortable in their own skin. It’s available to buy online at Urban Outfitters or Amazon.

Image Credit: Ecoslay

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