‘I’m disgusted’: Wrestling community rocked as several stars get accused of sexual misconduct – other sports

The wrestling world has been struck with a slew of sexual assault and harassment allegations against some WWE, NWA, and other stars. Stories have been trending with the hashtag #SpeakingOut as several women have accused wrestling figures of sexual misconduct. After the allegations, WWE and several other wrestlers have spoken out against the act and condemned it while calling for the perpetrators to be punished.

An independent wrestler Liz Savage has said that Vice President Dave Lagana had sexually assaulted her.

“After being friends with David Lagana for four years he sexually assaulted me,” said Savage.

“I moved to LA after two years of him asking me to come out. He told me I was a real friend to him as I had been there for him when he was at his lowest, he wanted to bring me out to LA for work.”

“He was back and forth between (ROH/TNA) companies at the time (2010) but told me if I came to LA he would put me on NWA Hollywood and he needed someone to help him make the wrestling promotion agency he wanted to run a reality. I could even stay with him until I got my place and he’d show me around. None of this happened except the moving part.”




WWE superstars like Jordan Devlin Travis Banks, Joe Coffey, Matt Riddle, Jack Gallagher and former NXT UK champion Tyler Bate are also facing varying allegations.

Several wrestling stars like Big E, Nyla Rose, Tucker, Piper Niven, and NXT UK women’s champion Kay Lee Ray have made their feelings known for the perpetrators by posting on Twitter in support of the #SpeakingOut movement.






In view of the allegations, WWE has released a statement on the allegations against Devlin saying that “We take any allegation of this nature very seriously and are looking into the matter.”

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