Inaugural Inclusive Fashion Collections : inclusive fashion collection

OPEN/END is an emerging brand based in Tokyo, Japan and for its first official launch, it debuted an inclusive fashion collection that advocates for diversity and a world where sexuality or race are not factors in how we choose to treat people.

The capsule features a range of basics, including colorful t-shirts, comfortable sweaters, chic shorts, and other accessories. For its debut, OPEN/END partnered with Bangkok-based artist duo Sundae Kids. This resulted in numerous wardrobe staples that boast playful illustrations which “channel a message of gender equality that both the brand the artists support.” In addition, the design of the silhouettes are supplemented by phrases like ‘Love the Process,’ ‘Good Things Take Time,’ and ‘Take a Deep Breath.’

Moving forward, OPEN/END will maintain the path of its inclusive fashion collections and will also place an emphasis on “working alongside artists [to give] them a wider platform to create.”

Image Credit: OPEN/END

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