Invisible Eyeshadow Primers : eyeshadow primer

To help consumers of all skin tones, ages and eye types create the beauty looks of their dreams, KVD Vegan Beauty is introducing an innovative liquid eyeshadow primer that goes on clear. Thanks to the way it goes on clear, the invisible eyeshadow primer promises to deliver the “truest color and wear of any eyeshadow.”

The Shake Vegan Eyeshadow Primer boasts a lightweight texture and helps to create impactful, long-lasting looks. The product has the potential to be of great value to beauty lovers, especially as it has the potential to revive old eyeshadow palettes and offer more than 280 drops per bottle.

The liquid eyeshadow primer was created to address the issue that most primers leave a cast or a base color that doesn’t match all skin tones.

Image Credit: KVD Vegan Beauty

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