Kangana Ranaut says ‘movie mafia’ ruined her chances of marriage, financial security: ‘I wanted to shave my head, disappear’ – bollywood

Kangana Ranaut has alleged that the heavyweights of Bollywood–whom she calls the ‘movie mafia’–tried to destroy her life. She claimed that through a ‘strategic’ plan, they ruined her financial prospects, made her a social pariah and also tried to destroy her career.

In an interview with Arnab Goswami on Republic TV, Kangana said, “I am going to tell you my experience with them, and how in sync and planned they are. When I rose to the top position in 2016…everyone knows that I gave the biggest blockbuster any girl has ever given after Tanu Weds Manu Returns…I signed 19 brands. I think that was the maximum any girl ever had, in 2016. Now suddenly, my ex from 2013…we had broken up in 2013…he comes and does a stupid case on me. Now, the whole nation thinks, ‘Wow, that’s a bit weird.’ It is not weird, it is very strategic.”

Kangana was presumably referring to the legal notice sent by Hrithik Roshan to her in 2016, after she referred to him as a ‘silly’ ex in an interview. While she has claimed that they were in a relationship, he maintains that their equation was only professional, and that she stalked him and sent him a barrage of emails which he never responded to.

Kangana claimed that due to the case filed against her, she was dropped by all the brands overnight. “Of course, that case did not go anywhere but all the brands dropped me. I had made some investments considering those contracts. I was in big trouble,” she said.

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Kangana claimed that her chances at getting married and having a family were also destroyed, after she was portrayed as a ‘man-eater’ and ‘nymphomaniac’. “Then they started to claim, she is a man-eater, she sends her nude pictures, she is mixing her blood, she is a witch. Two days ago, I was a beautiful girl persuaded by many men. Suddenly, I see that maybe marriage is not an option for my life,” she said.

Referring to Karan Johar’s comments in March 2017 at the London School of Economics, Kangana said he ‘openly declared’, to applause and hooting, that she should leave Bollywood. “A human being is made of three things. My emotional life, social life and career life. What else is there? Everything you choked. Everything you killed. I can’t get married. I don’t have a financial future. You are telling this in London School of Economics and people are hooting. Don’t you think the thought of suicide will cross my mind?,” she said.

Karan had said that Kangana should quit the film industry, if she felt so wronged by it. “You cannot be this victim at every given point of time who has a sad story to tell about how you have been terrorised by the bad world of the industry, leave it,” he said during an interaction at the London School of Economics in 2017, after she called him the ‘flag-bearer of nepotism’ and ‘movie mafia’ on Koffee With Karan.

“He is going to London School of Economics, an international platform and declaring that we will not let the b**** be in the industry. He said, ‘She should leave right away.’ And what option do you think a girl like me would have?,” Kangana asked.

When prodded about her suicidal thoughts, Kangana said, “I had similar thoughts. Maybe not about killing myself, but definitely just shaving my head and disappearing. Because if I go to my village, I can do kheti (farming) there. But you have now turned me into a nymphomaniac. My relatives are not letting their children meet me.”

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