Lay off these starches to lose weight

Losing weight is not an easy task. People spend years to lose weight, but some fail it at miserably. Most of the times this happens is when they are not eating the right food or are not eating the right foods. One of the most significant mistakes people make when it comes to dieting is that they do not know what they should avoid. It is more important to keep track of what you eat and know what foods to avoid. 


Dieting does not mean going haywire or anorexic. Food provides essential nutrients, mineral, vitamins and proteins to a human body. The crucial part of dieting involves the intake of healthy food in the right amount. There are various foods which can ruin your plans of getting fit in time. Starch foods are one of them. Bad starch foods can sabotage your weight loss plans, but eliminating them from your diet can benefit you and help you lose those extra kilos. Here are some of the foods that you should avoid if you plan on dropping the extra kilos:

Avoid Refined-flour Products 

Refined-flour products such as bread, pasta, pizza, cookies, cakes etc. are harmful to your health. Despite being aware of the fact that these foods increase the risk of developing, millions of people continue to consume them. If you are trying to watch your weight, then steer clear of refined-flour products. 

Refined-flour products are high in calories and carbohydrates and low in fiber, proteins and other nutrients. Your blood sugar and insulin levels can quickly shoot up which can lead to the development of diseases such as type-2 diabetes, excessive weight gain and cardiovascular diseases. Avoid these products at all costs but if you still crave for it, make sure you pick a healthy alternative. 

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Think Twice before Eating Cereal 

Breakfast cereal is the new favourite breakfast of everyone. These cereals are claimed to be made of healthy ingredients such as corn, millet, barley, wheat and oats; however, this is not true. Little do people know that eating cereals increase sugar levels, especially cereals served with milk – another high carb food. 

Instead of eating cereal, eat whole grain cereals like oats, quinoa or barley. You can also have eggs, fruits, salads and nuts for breakfast.

Avoid White Rice

White rice is among the most eaten and loved foods all over the world. They are high in carbs and contribute to weight gain. People who eat white rice are more likely to gain weight than those who don’t. 

Eating white rice have few nutrients than brown rice, it can quickly send your blood sugar soaring.  This results in an energy crash followed by cravings to eat other not-so-healthy foods to regain the lost energy. Try replacing white rice with brown rice or quinoa; these alternatives will help you curb the unnecessary urge to eat more than required. 

Give Up Potatoes

Potatoes are high in carbohydrates and have a high glycemic index which can quickly increase your blood sugar levels. Deep-fried potatoes in the form of fries, burgers, tikkis should also be avoided if you want to lose the extra weight.

If you wish to eat potatoes and can’t do without them, then eat them with the skin on. Potato skin contains fiber which can help slow down your digestion and keep you feeling satisfied for a more extended period. The surface of the potato also contains potassium, phosphorus and vitamin B and C which is healthy for your body.

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