Let the eyes do the talking as masks take over as an important fashion accessory amid the coronavirus pandemic – fashion and trends

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the demographic of the entire world. From the economy to day to day household activities, all things have been made to change to accommodate the new set of circumstances that the pandemic has brought on and the makeup industry is no exception. With masks covering most of the face, lipstick sales have taken a huge downturn and the attention is directed to the eyes. All personalisation is now dependant on eye makeup as they serve as windows to the soul even more so than usual.

In an interview with PTI, Stafford Braganza, makeup artist and trainer with L’Oréal Paris, India, said, “clear or see-through masks” will be the way to go. “Until then, the eyes are going to do most of the talking. Since the upper half of the face is the only visible part when wearing a mask, people will explore a lot more trends in the eyes and brow category, where something bold and previously unexplored is going to shine through — whether it’s a mascara heavy look, pop eyeshadows, or a dramatic wing.”

At first glance, it is the eyes that draw the attention, whether it is with a simple and understated mascara look or shockingly bright hues of fluorescents. Even as people have started accessorising masks, eye makeup remains prominent.


With more and more YouTube tutorials and Instagram videos readily available, learning quirky makeup styles is an easy task nowadays. The digital age enables us all to be an expert on makeup, all the way from smokey eyes to heavy cosplay makeup. The new pandemic norm suggests that even with masks on day-to-day, lip and contour makeup will not be entirely eradicated as online appearances have become a popular way of communication.

Some eye makeup tutorials are quite fun to watch, while giving ample stress-relief to the viewer.


Even with the shift in gender norms, more and more people are getting accustomed to the idea of makeup as a tool of self-expression and not just an accessory. And considering the lockdown and the free time it has afforded us, people have taken to shopping for makeup online. Despite the lockdown and social distancing, everyone still want to look presentable and well-groomed. And it is in difficult times like these that people try to bring an iota of colour into their lives, no matter how small the gesture might be. “Lipstick has seen many wars and histories, yet survived. It keeps on evolving itself to suit the needs of the current times. It will be worn, be it a zoom call, office online meetings or virtual dates. Brands will introduce new formulas in the market which will help a mask and a lipstick to coexist happily.” a spokesperson for Nykka told PTI.

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