Limited-Edition Moisturizing Serums : Moisture Liposome Serum

The best-selling Moisture Liposome Serum by Decorté is being introduced in a special TOKYO Limited-Edition design that features Japanese cranes taking flight. The potent serum sets itself apart with a formula powered by the world’s first multi-layered Liposome Technology, plus hyaluronic acid, which instantly provides soothing relief, softening, restoration and 24-hour time-released hydration.

Finding that consumers in North America are very interested in beauty brands created in Japan, Sharon del Valle, GM KOSÉ America says, “The launch kicks off a month-long campaign celebrating Japanese Beauty and the rituals and innovation behind J-Beauty to promote radiant, healthy skin.” With Allure, the brand is creating an immersive experience with features like augmented reality that help to provide insight into the world of J-beauty and its many innovations.

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