Locally Made Smoked Gin : maplewood smoked gin

Valley of Mother of God recently released a new product that is bound to alert the tastebuds of connoisseurs—it is a Maplewood Smoked Gin. The beverage is said to offer a “transportive experience; a memory of long walks in a forest of maples with a faint smell of wood smoke in the distance.”

Valley of Mother of God produces its alcohol locally, in Ontario. The Maplewood Smoked Gin recipe took three years to perfect. The brand gently smoked juniper from Ottawa Valley by hand over Maplewood at Foxglove Farm. The result was later infused slowly in the Valley of Mother of God’s original dry gin.

The Maplewood Smoked Gin will definitely deliver a sophisticated and delicious cocktail experience. As the long weekend is fast-approaching, Valley of Mother of God has posted some delicious recipes on its website—from the Ruby of the Valley to the Mother of all Negronis.

Image Credit: Valley of Mother of God

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