Luxury Retail Restaurants : monsieur dior

Dior has opened doors to its new restaurant Monsieur Dior, located within its Paris retail location. Monsieur Dior is a celebration of Christian Dior’s love for culinary arts, with the kitchen being run by French chef Jean Imbert. The French-themed menu is inspired by Dior’s history and its founder’s cookbook titled ‘La Cuisine Cousu-Main.’

The visually pleasing restaurant takes the dining experience to the next level as exclusive Dior Maison pieces and artworks decorate the establishment. A portrait by Rene Bouche and a mirror designed by Claudia Wieser are just a few of the design aspects that make Monsieur Dior unlike any other.

Embodying the aesthetics of French life, the Monsieur Dior restaurant is open at Dior’s Paris location.

Image Credit: Dior

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