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The UEFA Champions League has announced that it will use Hublot to produce its luxury sport watches for the seventh straight year. The brands announced a new and vastly improved limited-edition Big Bang model.

The Bing Bang Unico UEFA Champions League watch is 42mm, featuring a blue ceramic chronograph. The watch boasts a blue strap and bezel, giving it a simplistic look; however, the face of the watch is much more sophisticated, giving it more of a luxury feel.

Hublot’s CEO hopes this watch can help soccer lovers recall their team’s best memories saying, “With the Big Bang Unico UEFA Champions League, the best moments in football will be etched in your memories. Ask anybody to recount their key moments – they are always associated with a particular day, minute, second, sometimes hundredths of a second.”

This luxury sport watch is limited to 100 pieces and is available on the Hublot website.

Image Credit: Hublot

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