Machine-Washable Makeup Sponges : washable makeup sponge

Makeup sponges are great for picking up product but their ultra-absorbent forms also mean they need to be regularly cleaned and The Sponge sets itself apart as a first-of-its-kind machine-washable makeup sponge.

While some of the most popular makeup sponges on the market must be washed soaked in the sink and lathered like delicates—sometimes even with special cleansing or conditioning formulas—this one offers a low-maintenance alternative. The innovative makeup sponge relies on the same WashTech technology that MakeUp Eraser uses for its makeup-removing cloths. To protect the sponge and prevent snags, the product comes with a cleansing egg that is comparable to some products on the market that can be purchased for protecting intimates in the washing machine.

Image Credit: MakeUp Eraser

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