Marine Waste Sunglasses : clean waves

Clean Waves is the brand created by Parley for the Oceans that works with artists, creatives and activists on the design of products made from upcycled marine plastic waste. The newest artist to collaborate with the brand is M.I.A and Clean Waves shares modular Clean Waves M.I.A. Edition sunglasses.

Made from marine plastic debris and reclaimed fishing nets, the sunglasses help to put the materials collected by the organization’s Global Cleanup Network to good use. To give customers a sense of the impact they’re creating, Clean Waves engraves GPS coordinates on products that reference the remote island areas that benefit from the cleanup efforts.

Cyrill Gutsch, founder and chief executive of Parley for the Oceans, says “Clean Waves is a new idea of a luxury brand, a creative fundraising platform where artists, designers, activists and material scientists unleash their skills to drive the Material Revolution alongside the protection of islands and oceans.”

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