Mature Hair Support Cosmetics : Hair Biology

The Hair Biology collection has been unveiled by Procter & Gamble as a new range of haircare products that are formulated with the needs of mature women in mind to help keep them supported as they get older. The product range targets the needs of women 50 and over, and addresses issues like thinning hair, graying, reduced natural oil production, and irregular strand shape. The products will work to improve on these areas over time, and utilize ingredients like biotin, caffeine and argan oil to do so.

Associate Brand Director at P&G Jennifer Thompson spoke on the new Hair Biology collection saying, “We at P&G aim to make products that promote self-confidence and expression at every age. When developing Hair Biology, we wanted to create something that empowers women to take control of their changing hair by focusing on the science of why these transformations are happening. By targeting the changes at their sources and embracing biological shifts, rather than trying to cover them up, we hope to keep women feeling bolder, not older.”

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