Minimalism meets eclectic prints: Rajesh Pratap Singh announced Creative Director of Satya Paul – fashion and trends

The collaboration between designer Rajesh Pratap Singh and iconic saree brand Satya Paul is one for the ages. Singh, well-known for his love of minimalism, has been named as the Chief Creative Director for the brand that is synonymous with indigenous prints and the iconic ‘cocktail’ sarees. As Chief Creative Director, Singh will be in charge of the creative direction for all Satya Paul collections, and he will showcase his first collection in Fall Winter 2021.

Rajesh Pratap Singh took to his Instagram and wrote about Satya Paul and the collaboration in multiple posts, the first read, “Mr Paul’s generosity and childlike simplicity is admirable and at the same time very inspiring for a lot of us in the industry. Thank you Darshan for your faith. The commitment of the creative and commercial team at Satya Paul is extraordinary and together we will make new beginnings and build this glorious brand collectively as one of the finest brands out of India. This is no time to hide.”

In another post he shared his delight about joining Satya Paul, “Delighted to join Satya Paul as the chief creative director. It’s a job I proudly accept. Mr. Satya Paul broke and made a lot of rules for the Indian fashion industry. His prints were way ahead of the times. His balance of BOLD and graphic is still unparalleled. As a student, my final passing out collection (costumes for the opera Don Giovanni by Mozrat) was made in handwoven fabric sponsored by Mr. Paul for which I’ll be always grateful.”

In a statement, Singh said, “I have great respect for the brand’s heritage and creative integrity of the design house. And I’m particularly excited for the potential of this brand. We will look to reference its archives and history while drawing parallels to modernity.”

According to media reports, a spokesperson from Satya Paul said that Rajesh’s ‘eye for detail and exceptional creative nerve that blends modernism and tradition especially holds significance to the world of Satya Paul’, adding that Singh is “one of the most talented designers of our time”.


Soon after the announcement of Singh being brought on board was made, the brand unveiled their latest collection ‘Stories from the Jungle’ on Instagram. The collection featured exotic, tropical floral prints, stripes, illustrations of monkeys, and is the perfect amalgamation of the stark identities of the two brands. Inspired by the urban and the real jungle, the collection combines minimalism, straight lines and eclectic prints, all at once, without being gauche. A post describing the collection read, “Satya had gotten a bit tired of it all. His life in the city. Empty crowds. The rush, and the constant push and pull. The way the world was falling apart, of its own making. The urban jungle felt more ferocious, more unstable, than its namesake. And so he had left it all behind, to make a fresh start with nothing weighing on him except his own need to explore. These are his stories from the jungle.”


While another spoke of the rules of the jungle, “Every jungle has its rules. Its stories. Its whispered secrets. Its own magic- part beauty, and part mystery. Each inhabitant – from the chattering monkeys to the sassy parrots and the quiet, teeming foliage – understands and lives by these unspoken laws. Every newcomer has to find their way in. Learn and teach. Discover who they are, and their place in the world. Surrender to the beauty, and the magic.”

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