Monochromatic Minimal Facial Trimmers : Braun Trimmer Evolution

The conceptual Braun Trimmer Evolution, imagined by Dutch industrial designer Bas Kamp, has a simple yet sleek look. The facial trimmer’s design aims to cut through the extraneous detail that often adorns modern branded shavers. By simplifying the design, the trimmer has a less complicated, more intuitive presentation. Kamp comments, “I believe a calmer appearance is a better fit within the bathroom environment.”

The Braun Trimmer Evolution comes in three monochromatic color schemes: red, blue, and white. Each color scheme is complemented by subtle accents that gently offset the trimmer’s body and direct attention to its matte head. The packaging for the personal grooming tool is also minimalist and features a quote from famous designer Dieter Rams that reads “Good design is unobtrusive.” The conceptual Braun Trimmer Evolution represents an innovative direction for household product design.

Image Credit: Design Milk

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