Motorcyclist-Inspired Sneakers : Aether Dalton Sneaker

The Aether Dalton Sneaker is the brand’s first-ever sneaker that aims to provide wearers with a stylish footwear option that doesn’t skimp when it comes to durability. The sneaker is achieved with a blend of materials including perforated Italian leather on the exterior and Japanese leather on the interior to provide unparalleled durability. The shoe features the D3O impact protection along with proprietary technologies and shock-absorbing materials that will help to protect a motorcyclist’s feet when on the open road.

The Aether Dalton Sneaker is built to stand the test of time, and comes in three color options including Nordic Navy, Onyx and Duffle Green. Priced at $325 a pair, the sneakers are built with comfort and stability in mind to help riders stay agile.

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