Nagabhushan on ‘Honeymoon’: ‘A comedy for the family’

While the concept came from RJ Pradeepa, Nagabhushan has written the story and screenplay

While the concept came from RJ Pradeepa, Nagabhushan has written the story and screenplay

Kannada actor Nagabhushan has every reason to celebrate. His first film as a leading man, the 2021 comedy, Ikkat won him rave reviews. The actor returns with a web-series, Honeymoon, where he plays the lead, apart from writing the story and screenplay. Honeymoon is produced by Shri Muthu Cine Services (spearheaded by Shivrajkumar and his daughter, Niveditha Shivarajkumar) and Sakkath Studio (helmed by RJ Pradeepa).

The series tells the story of a newly-wed couple, on their honeymoon in Kerala. Sanjana Anand (known for her role in Chemistry of Kariappa), Pawan Kumar, Apoorva Bharadwaj, Anand Ninasam and Archana Kotige also star in Honeymoon.

Nagabhushan credits Pradeepa with the concept of the show, which is directed by Vikram Yoganand. “He was clear about what he wanted and even had zeroed in on Kerala as the main location for the shoot.”

The reason for making Honeymoon as web-series, according to Nagabhushan was because of lack of Kannada content on OTT. “The concept of a web-series was new to us . While other languages started to come out with originals, we lagged behind. That is when Pradeepa suggested we make a comedy as that appeals to people of all ages. We were thrilled when Shivanna (Shivarajkumar) came on board.”

Honeymoon was ready in 2019, Nagabhushan said. “AHA, loved the content, dubbed the series into Telugu and streamed it on their platform. We had to wait for three more years to release the original Kannada version.

Streaming platforms are a blessing for actors, Nagabhushan said. “I feel humbled that my work is getting traction. I hope to create and conquer a space for myself on every OTT platform.”

Describing himself as passionate about writing, Nagabhushan says he has written quite a few scripts. “As of now I am waiting for the release of my films including Matinee, Made in China and Lucky Man, which has Appu sir (Puneeth Rajkumar).”

Honeymoon is currently streaming on Voot Select

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