Nerve-Stimulating Sneakers : BioPods Stimsoles

BioPods Stimsoles sneakers, designed by Roy Gardiner and Steve Horvath, activate the 100,000 sensory receptors in the foot for more optimal muscle function. The footwear’s functionality comes from its Stimsole, a stimulating sole technology. The hybrid outsole and midsole use multiple pressure points to promote healthy posture and muscle function.

Ideal for rehabilitative and athletic use, the BioPods Stimsoles work with midsole pins that apply gentle pressure to the foot. The nervous system then receives signals from the sensation and adjusts the muscle function accordingly.

The barefoot-like shoe is customizable in size, width, and volume. Even soles boast a customizable arch stimulus mechanism to promote comfort and maximum foot function for specific activities. Made from eco-friendly materials, the sneakers come in three standard sizes in various colors.

Image Credit: Yanko Design

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