NFC-Protected Precious Metals : emt

MintID is applying tamper-proof NFC security chips to its gold and silver bars and coins to give investors assurance that they’ve purchased genuine precious metal products. These products boast custom-designed NFC chips that are uniquely encrypted and paired with a tamper-proof digital certificate. Accessing the information on a product’s authenticity can be done with MintID’s mobile app, and unlike serial numbers, fluorescent inks or QR codes, this solution can’t be altered, cloned or copied.

With this innovation, MintID is helping to address the fact that investing in precious metals is advantageous but way people purchase these items has been virtually unchanged since the beginning of time. These NFC-enabled precious metals help to create peace of mind and eliminate uncertainty, as there will be no doubt about whether a product is genuine or not.

Image Credit: MintID

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